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Fairytales Of Paradise.

"Eu sou uma eterna apaixonada por palavras. Música. E pessoas inteiras. Não me importa seu sobrenome, onde você nasceu, quanto carrega no bolso. Pessoas vazias são chatas e me dão sono. Gosto de quem mete a cara, arrisca o verso, desafia a vida. Eu sou criança. E vou crescer assim. Gosto de abraçar apertado, sentir alegria inteira, inventar mundos, inventar amores. O simples me faz rir, o complicado me aborrece". - Caio Fernando de Abreu

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Blackden Edge by matrobinsonphoto on Flickr.


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"I’ve been asking myself about that an awful lot and I think when I was younger I felt really bad about it and felt I was doing something wrong in doing so many period films. And then, all of a sudden, I went, ‘OK, this is obviously what I’m drawn to’. I love history, reading historical novels and watching period pieces as well as performing in them. I think it’s something to do with fantasy, which is what I love." - Keira Knightley [x]


Danila wins 4 George Awards.

Best Russian Actor
Best Hero
(with his character from Legend 17, Valeri Kharlamov)
Best Drama Movie
(Legend 17)
Best Action Movie
(Legend 17)



Honestly, how can you NOT be excited for the new album when this has all come out so far this month alone!


Aww Zoey and Daniela!

Source: Vampire Academy- Official

you’re my mission

Sebastian Stan for New York Moves Magazine (x)